About Ocean View House

Camps Bay, South Africa

Our founder’s love affair with the Cape began as many great relationships do, from afar. He sailed around the most beautiful coast in the world in 1974, and although he never set foot on land, he knew he had to return. And so he did. Twenty years later, with South Africa on the brink of a new future, he returned to build Ocean View House.
Starting with only six rooms, the venue quickly expanded and eight more were added within a few years. In 2005, his daughter, Katrin, came aboard and continued the family tradition. Since then, Ocean View has expanded to 24 rooms, offering guests an unmatched holiday experience.
Katrin is the living embodiment of the allure of Ocean View and the Cape. Having first visited in 1997 as a young student from Germany, she subsequently found herself studying Hotel Management at Cape Technikon. After qualifying, she quickly made her way into the hospitality industry before returning to where it all began and taking over the management of the House.
Ocean View House continues to be a family business with Katrin’s husband, Lambert, overseeing all building and renovations, he is also renowned as Ocean View House’s ‘Master of the Braai’.
“It is just so rewarding that we have so many guests who return time and time again. While many of them start off as guests who come on the recommendation of their friends, they soon become our friends,” says Katrin.